Hello and welcome to this page.  I am Terrence Duffy, and I have served my clients and their guests at over 900 events throughout South and Central Florida since 1989.

Regardless of the type of event you are planning, I believe I have the experience, quality equipment, and expertise to help you make it a big success.

I am proud of my reputation of playing only clean, family-friendly music. I don’t have, and I don’t play music with profanity and/or offensive content, even if it is supplied to me during events. Please consider this when deciding who to hire for your event.

My recommendation for best outcomes: Give me (or any DJ) a basic idea of the type of music you and your guests like. Then allow me (or any DJ) the ability to play the right music at the right time for your guests to insure a great experience for all.

I look forward to adding you to my list of satisfied clients!